Books (and a TV show) Recommended by teens 10/10

· House of Night Series-for fans of Twilight, for mature readers only!
· Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith-some gore. About a girl who finds a vampire guy, Stefan. Vampire’s brother tries to steal Elena because he is jealous of his brother. Characters teens can relate to-the bubbly one, the calm one, etc. Less mushy gooeyness than in Twilight.
· Evermore by Alison Noel is a great vampirish book..
· Love is Hell with Scott Westerheld, Love stories with weird mythical beings. Such as girl falls in love with boy in her dreams that turns out to be a ghost.
· Being Human BBC Television show-Werewolf man in his 20’s wants to be human but can’t.
· Eternal by Cynthia L. Smith
· The Unseen Series: Sin and Salvation-suspenseful horror and mystery
· Lord of the Flies-50 English boys are left on an island where they go from proper to savage.
· Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo by Obert Sky. For some reason Harry Potter fans love this series.
· Forest of Hands and Teeth-posapocolyptic/horror/suspense/romance Girl named Mary lives in a village in the middle of the Forest. They think they are the only humans left. Surrounded by a fence. Outside the fence are the Unconsecrated who eat human flesh. If they bite you, you turn into one of them. The Unconsecrated do not think. They just work as an unorganized mass pushing against the fences surrounding the village. Community is centered on continuing the human race. Marriage happens ceremonially at “The Gathering”. A very “ironic” book.
· Skinned Girl gets in car accident and her brain is put into a humanoid robot. No one likes her because they know that she’s “skinned”. She meets a boy who wants to be “skinned” so he can be a jock. “Skinned” girl falls in with a bad crowd of other “skinned” people and gets into trouble.
· Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary Pearson. Girl wakes up in a strange house after an accident. Her family is there. They are keeping her in the house. She begins to find clues that reveal what really happened to her after the accident, what her father’s company is doing.
· Maximum Ride Fang comes out in March 2010 Fang is a goth birdlike teen, the glum guy of the group. He is pretty creepy, disappears if he stands still.

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